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Driven 2 Success Rider's Guide

Thank you for using the Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round microtransit transportation service!

Here are a few policies and procedures for using the service.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a Scheduler at Pathway Resource Center.  You may visit us in person at 10119 John Marshall Drive Indianapolis, IN 46235 or call us at 317.890.1624 between 9a-4p Mon-Thurs

What You Need To Know Before Riding Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round:

Each rider must be enrolled in the program.  This includes children from car seats through adults.  Each person using the service must be enrolled.  You must reside in the following zip codes: 46205, 46216, 46218, 46219, 46226, 46229, 46235, and 46236. You can enroll at by computer or phone.  If you do not have access to either of these options or have difficulty navigating the enrollment system you can come into the office at Pathway Resource Center (10119 John Marshall Drive Indianapolis, IN 46235) from 9a-4p Mon-Thurs and a Scheduler will assist you.  If you do not have transportation to Pathway, we can come to you.  Call us to schedule a mobile sign-up at 317.890.1624.  You cannot enroll over the phone. 


Each rider must have a voucher purchased for each one-way trip taken on Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round.  Vouchers are $2.00 per one-way trip.  Vouchers can be purchased online at as singles or 10 for $18.00 ($2.00 discount).  Vouchers will be delivered by your driver during the first ride scheduled after your purchase or can be picked up at the Pathway Resource Center office Mon-Thur 9a-4p.  Vouchers cannot be emailed.


Veterans do not need to purchase vouchers. Veterans ride for free.

An enrolled rider who is a veteran must present their government issued military identification to ride.

We communicate most notifications about the service via Simple Text.  Each rider is entered in Simple Text upon enrollment.  If you unsubscribe from the service, you will not receive confirmations and communication about your ride.

Service Area & Hours

Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round operates throughout the following three sets of boundaries.

North Pendleton Pike, South to Washington, East to Carroll Road/200 E. McCordsville, West to Ritter Street/Community East Hospital

North to 38th St. South to Keystone, East to Arlington, West to 16th St

South to Meridian, North to 46th, East to Sherman, West to 30th St

Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round operates Monday through Friday with the first ride beginning at 8:30am and the last ride beginning at 5:15pm, depending on distance from home office (last ride to 46218 or 46205 begins at 5p). Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round will be closed for the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Day After Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Day

  • Final week of December

Note: Additional days may be added and will be communicated via Simple Text.

Managing Your Reservations

Rides must be going to an approved location type: Work, Medical, Childcare, School, Grocery Stores and Food Pantries.

Rides should be requested at least 12 hours, but not more than 3 days (72 hours) in advance.

Same day rides require a 90 min notice.

Rides for the next day are scheduled at 4:30p the day before and confirmed by 6p.  If you schedule your ride after 4:30p, it will be confirmed or denied after 9p the day before you requested it; depending on availability and according to the above mentioned scheduling rules (except over the weekend, which is confirmed or denied Monday morning between 6a-8a).

Your ride request can be made at  Please know this is a request for a ride, not a guarantee. The Scheduler will send a text to confirm or deny your ride through Simple Text. You may also call in your ride request to 317.890.1624 Monday through Thursday 9a to 4p. A Scheduler will assist you in requesting your ride.

Scheduling of the rides is based on the availability of the drivers, most efficient route of all rides combined, importance of the ride (school, work and medical appointments take priority), order the ride was requested, and finally seat availability.  It is recommended to get your ride in as early as possible according to the ride request guidelines mentioned above.

Cancelling Your Ride

Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round asks that you cancel your trip at least 2 hours before your scheduled pick up time.

To cancel your request call the Scheduler at 317-890-1624 or send a Simple Text.

How To Ride / Pick-Ups

The bus may arrive up to 15 mins before or anytime during your confirmed timeframe.  For example, if your confirmed timeframe is 8a-8:15a, the bus could arrive at 7:45a or 8:13a.

You will be expected to board the bus within five minutes of your confirmed timeframe. If you are not on the bus five minutes after the start of your confirmed timeframe, a Scheduler will attempt to contact you and the bus will wait an additional 5 minutes then list you as a no-show and leave.

If you are a no-show and have other trips scheduled, they will be canceled as well.

  • You may refuse a ride without penalty if it arrives outside the confirmed time frame.

Penalties For Misusing The Service

Canceling a Trip - Definitions

There are 3 types of cancellations that may result in penalties:

  • Late Cancel: Calling to cancel less than 2 hours before your pick-up window.

  • No Show: Not being present within the pick-up window after 10 minutes of the bus arriving without the appropriate cancellation notification.

  • Cancel at the door: The rider or someone representing the rider (parent, caretaker, etc.) tells the operator that the ride is not needed after the bus arrives.

These types of cancellations may result in a suspension or termination of service.


Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round system impacts all riders and can result in the suspension of riding privileges. The following acts are considered misuse:

  • Under false pretenses, obtaining or using Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round services includes making false or misleading statements on your eligibility application and allowing non-eligible individuals to ride using your name.

  • No shows/late cancellations or canceling at the door more than 2 times a month.

  • Failure to follow Rider Rules of Conduct while on the bus.

  • Use of profanity or insults when speaking to any Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round employee.

  • Any non-consensual contact, profanity, or insults with another rider.

  • Threats or physical contact with Transportation Drivers, staff, or other drivers is an immediate violation. Immediate action will be taken to address the situation to include calling 911. Additionally, legal action may be taken.

Service suspension will not be imposed for circumstances beyond your control, such as a personal emergency, sudden or worsening illness, job cancellations, or changes to your work schedule.

In the case of a suspension, you will receive a text that includes the dates of any no-shows, late cancellations, or cancellations at the door, along with an appeal form. The text will provide the effective dates of your suspension.

You will have 14 days to appeal your suspension. If you fail to appeal, the suspension will begin on the date specified in the text.

Suspension Lengths

Penalties will progress over a calendar year. In January of each year, all riders will have zero penalties.

  • First Penalty: 5-day suspension

  • Second Penalty: 7-day suspension

  • Third Penalty: 14-day suspension

  • Fourth Penalty: 30-day suspension

  • Fifth Penalty: Reviewed by the Executive Leadership Team at Pathway Resource Center and decided on a case-by-case basis depending on the severity of misuse.

Boarding with a Mobile Device

All Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round are equipped with rider lifts that meet ADA specifications.

Drivers can help riders maneuver their mobility aid onto the bus and wheelchair securement area and ensure the device is secure before moving the bus.

Rider Rules of Conduct

Riders must refrain from:

  • Listening to loud music or electronic devices with or without earphones.

  • Disruptive behavior, including talking loudly on cell phones.

  • Shouting profanity or insults.

  • Soliciting services or favors.

  • Making threatening or hostile remarks.

  • Touching another person in a rude or non-consensual manner.

  • Refusing to remain seated or to keep their seat belt fastened adequately.

  • Riding while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

  • Littering in the bus or defacing any equipment or facilities.


Riders must:

  • All riders must follow instructions from the driver, especially during an emergency.

  • Have someone receive them upon arrival, if necessary.

  • Supervise children at all times.

  • According to Indiana state law, provide a child restraint or booster seat for children 7 years of age or younger.

  • Maintain acceptable standards of personal hygiene.

  • Proper attire is required at all times, including shirts, bottoms or pants, and shoes.

  • Expect a "Shared-ride" service, which means other riders may be picked up or dropped off before a rider reaches their destination.


In compliance with city ordinances, Smoke-Free Air Act 1149, smoking, including e-cigarettes and vapes, is prohibited in Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round buses.

Food & Beverages

Eating and drinking are not allowed on Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round buses. If you have a medical condition, please inform the driver or Scheduler to request a reasonable modification. Sealed and wrapped food and beverages may be transported but not consumed on buses.

Service Animals

Service animals and animals in a pet carrier are allowed on buses. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, a service animal is defined as "a guide dog, signal dog, or other animals that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability "49 CFR 37.3". Any animal used as a crime deterrent, or to provide emotional support, well-being, comfort, or companionship is not a service animal. Service animals must be properly trained, groomed, and maintained. Control of the service animal's behavior is the responsibility of the animal's owner. 

Service animals are discouraged from riding on lifts. Their tails, paws, head, or equipment may catch in the lift mechanism, causing severe injury to the animal.

Non-service animals are not allowed on Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round buses.

Personal Belongings

All personal items must be managed independently by the rider. Belongings should be able to fit on your lap, under your seat, or immediately in front of you on the bus. Children may not ride in a stroller. Strollers and empty carts must be collapsed and stored. The cart, if loaded, must stay under the control of the rider and out of the aisle.

The following items are prohibited on Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round buses:

  • Explosives.

  • Knives (Cutting tools required for work are permitted).

  • Car Batteries (ADA-approved equipment is allowed).

  • Compressed Gas Bottles (ADA- approved equipment is allowed).

  • Fuel Storage Containers.

  • Guns are not allowed on a Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round bus.

You may bring a respirator, portable oxygen, and/or other life-support equipment if it does not violate laws or rules related to transporting hazardous materials.

Driver Rules of Conduct

All Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round Drivers have a responsibility to:

  • Treat riders with courtesy.

  • Be in uniform.

  • Stay within the "line of sight" of their bus.

  • Maintain the assigned service schedule for the convenience of all riders.

  • Assist all riders entering and leaving the bus.

  • Provide safe transportation.

  • Stop at all railroad crossings.

  • Maintain acceptable standards of personal hygiene.

  • Instruct riders during an emergency/evacuation.


Drivers are NOT permitted to:

  • Enter private residences.

  • Perform any personal care assistance for riders.

  • Lift or carry riders or wheelchairs up or down steps.

  • Go into a rider's purse or wallet.

  • Change the destination of a reserved ride.

  • Accept tips or gratuities.

  • Use a cell phone while operating the bus.

  • Wait for a rider to run an errand, unless noted on the schedule.

  • Move a power wheelchair by touching the control toggle or switching to manual mode.

Drivers may:

  • Offer a steadying arm or appropriate guidance or assistance to ambulatory riders when walking or using stairs.

  • Help maneuver a manual wheelchair onto the lift, if necessary.

  • Assist a manual wheelchair rider to the door on sidewalks, paved driveways, or secure ramps so long as the bus is within the operator's line of sight.

  • Aid in carrying no more than 2-grocery bags or similarly sized packages to and from the bus to the door and vice versa.

  • Assist a rider to and from the door of a rider's pick-up or drop-off location. (Operator may not enter)

  • Provide any necessary reasonable assistance.

Lost & Found

Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round assumes no responsibility for lost items on the bus. Found objects are typically available the next business afternoon at Pathway Resource Center located at 10119 John Marshall Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana 46235.


To check if your lost item was found onboard, please contact a Scheduler at 317.890.1624. To claim your property, you must appear in person between 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, provide an accurate description of the item, show your photo ID, and sign a property claim tag with your name, address, and phone number. Found objects will only be held for 1-week.


Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round buses are equipped with audio and video surveillance equipment.

Please report any suspicious or illegal behavior or unattended items to staff. To make a report, speak with a driver or notify law enforcement.

Customer Comments

Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round operates its programs without regard to race, color, or national origin, age, sex, or disability in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you believe you have been the victim of a discriminatory practice due to your race, color, or national origin, you may file an official complaint. For more information and to file a complaint, visit, Pathway Resource Center at 10119 John Marshall Drive Indianapolis, Indiana 46235 or call 317.890.1624 Monday through Thursday 9a-4p. Driven 2 Success Far Eastside Get A Round welcomes feedback from riders and the community.

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